Heart Chakra is key to being “Carefree”

Heart Chakra is key to being “Carefree”


In order to stay Carefree ~ taking care of the Heart Chakra is Key


Summertime Is a time to protect our Hearts 💚 according to the Traditional Chinese Medical (aka TCM) System of Classification.


In TCM, Early Summer’s Element is FIRE, which is Represented with  THE HEART ~ body fluid of SWEAT ~ the SENSE OF SPEECH ~ the ELEMENT OF FIRE or HEAT ~ the COLOR RED and ~ And BITTERS for TASTE.  Kind of makes sense huh?!?


Be mindful of Environmental Heat as well as Heated words! The bitterness of words spoken in the Heat of the moment can not to taken back! There has been enough Blood, Sweat and Tears to fill mankind’s history books! Surely, this cannot be the legacy we leave! Temperance is advisable as all “Heat” is bad for the Heart.


It saddens me to ponder all the families that wonder how those care free days went by unnoticed of summertimes past.


The ‘Carefree Highway’ of Gordon Lightfoot, would be a dream come true on our way to a place where in the 🎶“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, and Fish are jumpin’ 🎶

-“Simply Cathryn”

You can find more information on this and all the Chakras in:

“Simply Cathryn’s” “Shamanic Journey through the Chakras Workbook” found in

“Finding the Alchemist within-Turning yourself to Gold!”  Simply click here!



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